POSCO Dream Camp

Educational support program for middle school students to reduce inequality in educational opportunities

POSCO Dream Camp is for middle school students in Pohang and Gwangyang who have the will and passion to learn but cannot afford private education. The Camp supports these students by providing two weeks of summer camp (basic course) and two weeks of winter camp (advanced course). The Camp also provides scholarships to university students who mentor these students, and therefore plays a significant role in reducing polarization through offering educational opportunities and creating jobs at the same time.

Every year, the Camp selects around 200 middle school students in Pohang and Gwangyang where POSCO steelworks are located and offer a variety of programs. Students can learn core subjects such as English and Math as well as coding to spark creativity. Students further take part in special lectures and activities to develop character, sensitivity, and fulfill their dreams.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation runs the POSCO Dream Camp as a platform for students to think out of the box, dream big, have ambitions and live their dreams.

Project Description

  • Participants 200 middle school students in Pohang and Gwangyang
    50 university students (teaching assistant, mentor)
  • Program English, Math, Coding, Science, Creative activities, Physical Education, Networking, etc.
  • Period Basic course during summer break (Two weeks from late July to 2nd week of August),
    Advanced course during winter break (Two weeks in January)
    * Biannual training camp
  • Location POSTECH ( Pohang, Gyungsangbuk-do Province)

Program Timeline

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