Chairperson’s Message

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you for visiting our web site.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation is carrying out POSCO's global activities of
corporate social responsibility in a systematic and broad way.

We strive to fulfill the social responsibilities of POSCO and contribute to
sustainable management by undertaking core projects, including POSCO Asia
Fellowship for mutual understanding and communication between Asian
countries in the era of the Asia. POSCO TJ Park Prize is to award outstanding
persons in the fields of science, education, philanthropy, and technology.
TJ Park Science Fellowship is to support the creative research of young and
talented basic scientists in Korea.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation is dedicated to further expanding Asia’s
academic and cultural networks, nurturing young talents, and sharing with
our neighbors in need. By standing tall as a foundation that serves the
nation and establishes POSCO as a respected and loved company by the
, we will be at the forefront of the efforts to make the world a more
abundant and warmer place.

Thank you.

Chairperson of POSCO TJ Park Foundation Sunuk Kim