Presentation Ceremony

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation (chairperson Sunuk Kim) held its Board of Directors meeting on March 19th and has selected Dr. Song-Yu Hong (Director of the Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems) for the Science Award; Donbosco Vocational Training School for the Education Award; Ran-joo Yi, Director of Solidarity for Asian Human Rights and Culture for the Community Development & Philanthropy Award; and Youm Huh, CEO of Silicon Mitus for the Technology Award.

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation aims to expand national interest and participation in creativity, fostering talent, sacrifice, and volunteering and established the POSCO TJ Park Awards in 2006 to take the lead in becoming a corporate citizen who develops together with people. The POSCO TJ Park Awards have four categories: Science, Education, Community Development & Philanthropy, and Technology. The Science Prize is awarded to a Korean scientist with activities based in Korea who has contributed to the development of science and raised Korea’s status through creative achievements in the natural sciences and engineering. The Education Prize is given to a person or group who has systematically implemented creative educational programs and expanded the educational sphere and the Community Development & Philanthropy Prize to a dedicated person or group which has practiced love and sharing to improve the quality of life for society. These are linked to the POSCO Asia Fellowship, the Foundation's core work, expanding award winners to the whole of Asia. The Technology Prize goes to a person who has contributed to the development of national industry by developing and commercializing technology at a global level in various fields of industrial/academic collaboration.

The selection committee have independent rights during winner selection and choose candidates through a fair, transparent process based on recommendation standards and screening methods. Trust in the awards is high since they are based on objective, rigorous verification such as site visits and evaluation by relevant experts.

The 2020 POSCO TJ Park Awards Ceremony was held on April 8th at the Seoul POSCO Center and each winner was given a trophy and 200 million won in prize money.

    Awards Ceremony