POSCO Asia Fellowships

POSCO Asia Fellowship, looking ahead to the future and raising Asian leaders!

POSCO Asia Fellowship is based on the ideology that better understanding between individuals increases understanding between countries, which contributes to the world peace and mutual prosperity.

POSCO TJ Park Foundation operates ‘POSCO Asia Fellowship’ with the goal of mutual understanding through talent exchange between countries in Asia, the fastest growing area in the world.

We will establish a global human resource network in Asia through the promotion of exchange and cooperation in fellowship/scholarships with countries in Asia, and next-generation human resource development and mutual promotion of understanding.

For this, we also promote ‘Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea’, an in-bound scholarship that invites talents in Asia to Korea and supports master’s/doctorate degree acquisition, ‘Scholarship for Asian Excellent Universities’ that supports outstanding students currently enrolled in excellent universities in Asian countries, and ‘Asia Opinion Leader Fellowship’ that contributes to mutual understanding and cooperation improvement between Korea and Asian countries by inviting opinion leaders of developing Asian countries.

Looking far into the future and raising a human, POSCO Asia Fellowship promotes exchange and cooperation of Asian countries to brighten the 21st century Asian era.