Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea

For Next Generation Global Leaders

This scholarship program supports prospective leaders of Asia by providing tuition and living expenses to young intellectuals from Asian countries as they enroll in Master's or Doctoral courses at some of the most prestigious Korean universities and institutions and learn more about various aspects of Korean society and culture.

Whereas scholarships in Korea are generally designed to benefit Koreans who wish to study abroad,
this project is unique in that it brings Asian students to Korea to help them establish intimate relationships with Korean society.

Asian students will build knowledge on Korean economy, society and culture through scholar workshop, steel mill visit and Korean cultural experience programs hosted by the foundation, and grow as a global leader that understands Korea based on the affinity and understanding in Korea.

As to asian students, not only study but also foundation sponsors while completing Master's or Doctoral course in Korea. The knowledge about Korean economyㆍsocietyㆍ culture is accumulated through the scholarship student workshop, visiting Steelworks, experience of South Korean culture program and etc. It will get to grow into the global leader understanding Korea based on the intimacy .

map of the countries for Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea
Project Overview
  • Eligibiliy 1. *Asian students who will receive or received undergraduate degree
    (*Asian excluding dual nationality or Korean citizenship)
    2. Students who will apply for masters, doctoral, or integrated doctoral
    3. GPA must be more than 3.0 out of 4.0.
  • Numbers of selection 50 students per a year
  • Benefits Tuition, living expenses, settlement fee, Korean language classes provided, etc.
    - For masters : tuition for 4 semesters and living expenses for 22 months (KRW1,000,000/month)
    - For doctoral/integrated doctoral : tuition for 6 semesters and living expenses for 22 months (KRW1,000,000/month)
Selection Procedure
  • 1. Check Asia Fellowship announcement

  • 2. Apply for Asia Fellowship program

    - Apply online

    Apply Asia Fellowship
  • 3. Select from 1st round (document examination)

  • 4. Select from 2nd round (interviews)

    - POSCO TJ Park foundation or POSCO branch will preside the interview.

  • 5. Announce successful applicants

  • 6. Apply to the university and get acceptance

    - Apply in person to the universities written in the application

    - Submit the acceptance of the university

  • 7. Arrive in Korea

  • 8. Provide Scholarship

Person in charge