Asia Opinion Leader Fellowship

Training program for the opinion leaders in Asia

Asia Opinion Leader Fellowship was prepared to share the successful history of economic development in Korea and POSCO and contribute to the mutual understanding and improvement of cooperation between Korea-Asian countries through industrial site visits and cultural experiences by inviting the opinion leaders in Asian countries to Korea.

10 days While training in Korea, the opinion leaders of Asian Leaders of Developing Countries contribute to the mutual growth of asia through more in-depth understanding about Korean economy and society through lectures, seminars, industrial site visits and cultural experiences, improve policy and management competency necessary in future challenges, and mutual exchange among opinion leaders.

Project Overview
  • CandidateGovernment officials and officials in academic, media and NGO of countries in developing countries of Asia
  • Selection periodApril~May every year
  • Number of candidatesLess than 20
  • SupportRoundtrip airfare, foodㆍlodging expenses, other expenses
  • Program
    Lecture & Seminar, Industrial site visits, Korean culture experience
    Lecture & Seminar Korea’s economic development and public policies, performance of successful global
    corporations in Korea and their future challenges, Korea’s development and presidential
    leadership, formation and global expansion of K-culture, future strategy, scientific
    technology and national competitiveness of a global corporation, POSCO
    Industrial site visits PohangㆍGwangyang steel works, POSCO Group business establishment, leading
    companies in Korea, etc.
    Korean culture experience Seoul cultural tour, DMZ tour, visit to cultural assets in Gyeongju, etc.
Selection process
※ Specific programs and schedules are subject to change.

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