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POSCO TJ Park Foundation Provides Scholarships to 170 Students in 8 Asian Countries

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POSCO TJ Park Foundation has been offering Scholarships for Asian Universities since 2005 where they form alliances with excellent universities around Asia and develop talented students into future leaders. In 2021, they offered scholarships to 170 students from 14 universities in 8 countries in Asia.

As COVID-19 spread in each country, the presentation ceremony that POSCO and Asian Universities co-hosted with university officials and guests was hosted both online and offline, just like the previous year. It was hosted in August for Indonesia, November for Turkey, Thailand, and Kazakhstan, and December for Malaysia, India, China, and Vietnam.

On the 16th and 17th of November, the event was hosted offline at Kocaeli University and Ankara University in Turkey. Here, around 20 people including the scholarship recipients, the presidents of the universities, and POSCO ASSAN TST executives gathered and encouraged the students who were chosen as POSCO Asian Fellowship recipients. Also with universities that hosted the presentation ceremony online, such as the University of Indonesia, the university officials congratulated the scholarship recipients and the recipients shared their goals and visions.



2021 Scholarship for Asian Universities Presentation Ceremony Speech


POSCO TJ Park Foundation’s scholarships are opportunities that show POSCO’s interest and sense of social responsibility for higher education where students can get motivated, improve their knowledge level, and reclaim grounds and where the exchange of talented students between the company and the university could happen. I hope that the recipients can feel grateful for the opportunities, commit to their social responsibilities and duties, and actively participate in social practices and public interest activities to help those in need.

Tsing Hua University Student Department Director Wei Jing



I hope those who received the scholarships today always feel grateful and can deeply understand the ideology of POSCO, and also become a person who loves everyone so that you can meet the expectations of your universities and POSCO. Also, I hope that you can actively set good examples for others, do your best academically, treat others humbly, be noble, and take heavy responsibilities.

Peking University Educational Fund Committee Vice Chief Secretary Zhao Wenli



2021 Scholarship for Asian Universities List of countries & universities (14 universities from 8 countries)

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