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Hue which will be  your 'travel destination of life  

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Hello, I am Ngo Jiam Hoa. I started my master's degree program after being selected as a POSCO Asia Fellow in 2016 and graduated in the spring of 2019. Afterwards, I prepared for the Ph.D. program while working in Korea, and I entered the Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of International Studies of Seoul National University in the spring of 2020, once again, with support from the POSCO TJ Park Foundation.


There is a song I like with the following lyrics. "Going far away is to go back to where you originally started." Here, "going back" means thinking about the place in the mind rather than the physical act of actually going back.

In the past, I often said things like, "I will travel to Taiwan if I get the chance," and "I want to go to Europe." These days, however, I think a lot about how nice it would be to travel to Vietnam. I think I miss my hometown more because I have not been to Vietnam for almost two years (Vietnam has been appearing in my dreams often recently).

Although I cannot go there directly, I hope to console my longing for my hometown while looking back on my old memories, as I write this. I also hope my writing will help many readers get to know more about Vietnam.


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