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POSCO TJ Park Foundation Holds the first [POSCO Dream Camp] for Youth

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Category POSCO Dream Camp Date 2019.07.04
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POSCO TJ Park Foundation Holds the first [POSCO Dream Camp] for Youth


- 15 nights 16 days from 7.28 to 8.12, Held at POSTECH

- 100 middle school students in Pohang and Gwangyang area, 25 university student mentors participating

- Contributing to alleviating polarization by providing education opportunity to youth and job positions to university students


As a part of practice of POSCO’s corporate philosophy, ‘Corporate Citizens Growing Together’, POSCO TJ Park Foundation (Chairman Sun Uk Kim) will be running ‘POSCO Dream Camp’ during the breaks from this year, for middle school students in Pohang and Gwangyang areas that are zealous about studying but not receiving the benefits of private education.


‘2019 POSCO Dream Camp’ will be held for total 4 weeks, including 2 weeks of summer camp and 2 weeks of winter camp.  Summer camp will be held for 15 nights and 16 days from 7.28 to 8.12 at POSTECH.  Participating middle schools students are provided education in major subjects such as English and mathematics, and mentor students with scholarships, which is expected to contribute in alleviating social polarization.


100 middle school students, currently in their 2nd year at 50 middle schools located in Pohang and Gwangyang-si, will improve their academic motivation through English and math education and self-directed learning, and participate in various study support programs and community activities such as coding, character, and creativity improvement.  For this summer camp, foreign students from Asian countries that the Foundation has produced, Science Fellows and executives of POSCO will be participating in the form of talent donation, making it more meaningful.


Also, following the summer camp, 4 months of training for self-directed learning will lead to the winter camp to improve educational continuity and effects.


An official of POSCO TJ Park Foundation stated that “surprisingly, there are more students with academic motivation that don’t receive private education besides school education than we know”, and “I hope that the youth that will lead our future society can find their dream and grow through this camp.’


University student mentors that will join the journey of finding children’s dreams will be recruited until 6.17, and details about POSCO Dream Camp can be found at POSCO TJ Park Foundation’s homepage (



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