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The POSCO TJ Park Foundation held ‘2019 POSCO Science Fellowship Life Science Symposium’

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The POSCO TJ Park Foundation held “2019 POSCO Science Fellow Life Science Symposium” at Hanwha Resort in Busan from Apr 26 to 27.


In this event, a total of 32 fellows (24 professors and 8 doctoral students) from the 2nd to the 10th period, who received research grants through the POSCO Science Fellowship, including Prof. Lee, Seung-jae, who was appointed as a judge for the life science, for the first time as a POSCO Science fellow, participated.  



▲ The POSCO TJ Park Foundation held ‘2019 POSCO Science Fellow Life Science Symposium' at Hanhwa Resort in Busan from Apr 26 to 27.


The POSCO TJ Park Foundation has held 4-5 symposiums for each academic discipline every year to help scientists who received benefits from the foundation get together and share research results in related fields and strengthen networking.


In ‘2019 POSCO Science Fellow Life Science Symposium, Prof. Lee, Eun-jin of Korea University made an opening speech, which was followed by the presentation on the research trends by new professors selected in 2019. Unlike other academic exchange programs focusing on professors, this event helps students grow by providing opportunities for doctoral students, who have little opportunity for presentations, to make presentations.


Prof. Lee Seung-jae of KAIST, said: "Nowadays, there is the expression of ‘Deokupilchi’. It means ‘making money for the necessity of life from doing what one likes best’. And I am very happy to see that many people are living life of ‘Deokupilchi’ as a science mania after listening to their presentations”. He added: “I think that only a few people can make money from doing what they like to do. I hope you will continue to research activities with joy. "


After the presentation of 14 fellows, the executives of 2019 POSCO Science Fellow Life Sciences Div. were elected. The candidates were recommended by fellows, which was followed by voting. Prof. Son, Ki-hoon was elected as the new chairman of the Life Science Div., following Prof. Lee, Eun-jin of Korea University, the former chairman.  

▲ Prof. Park Hyun-woo of Yeonsei University is presenting his research.


On the other hand, POSCO Science Fellow’s academic exchange meeting has been held for 9 years from 2011 for each academic discipline. With increasing number of participants, it has become a venue for communication between fellows. The POSCO TJ Park Foundation plans to actively support talented people in the basic science field of Korea so that they can freely conduct creative researches.


From this year celebrating its 11th anniversary, the POSCO Science Fellowship will also select scientists in 3 the fields of applied science: metal, energy material and new material, in addition to the researchers in the 4 fields of basic science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life science. 

Through the POSCO Science Fellowship, which was held for the first time in 2009, a total of 307 basic scientists have so far received about KRW 18.6 billion of research grant

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