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Introducing of POSCO Asia Fellowship - POSCO Indonesia Inti

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Introducing our overseas corporation in Asia, a strong support group for the operation of the POSCO Asia Fellowship.

The first corporation to introduce is POSCO Indonesia Inti, POSCO's representative corporation in Indonesia, which is located in one of the countries where many Asian Fellows were selected.

POSCO Indonesia Inti


Established on April 16th, 2015, POSCO Indonesia Inti serves as a POSCO Group Regional Headquarter, a representation of POSCO in Indonesia.

There are 9 POSCO Group affiliates which engaged in many business fields including PT Krakatau POSCO, a joint venture company between a state-owned steel maker PT Krakatau Steel & POSCO in Cilegon, Banten Province to realize the 10 million ton steel cluster in Cilegon.

POSCO Asia Fellowship Program


POSCO Indonesia Inti actively supporting POSCO TJ Park Foundation-Asia Fellowship scholarship program for Asian Universities and for Asian Students Studying in Korea. More than 36students have received the scholarship for Studying in Korea from POSCO.

For Asian University, POSCO Indonesia has been affiliated with 3 prestigious Universities in Indonesia which are University of Indonesia (UI), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (UNTIRTA). Every year, POSCO supports 40 students in total from these Universities.


Various activities with scholarship fellows:  volunteering, seminars, iftar etc.


The awardees not only gain the scholarship but also actively participated in global volunteer activities namely Steel Village in 2018 and POSCO Beyond in 2019 and 2020. Before the pandemic, POSCO Indonesia and TJ Park Scholarship fellows used to hold events or activities such as socialization about POSCO scholarship, year-end gathering, or even site visit of Krakatau POSCO in Cilegon.

After a year, with all activities restriction during the pandemic, we are now starting to do some activities, even though by online, we do not want the pandemic be an obstacle for us to meet each other.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, POSCO Indonesia Inti actively held events or activities such as the year-end meeting for POSCO scholarship students and Cilegon's visit to the POSCO site in Krakatau.

​However, since the Pandemic happen the Volunteer activities have stopped. Even though the activity stops, does not mean that the relations between the awardees and POSCO must end.

New activities are continuing online.


1. Hosting an online event for local scholarship students in Indonesia, Virtual Meet & Greet


During covid 19 pandemic, there was an event called “Virtual Meet & Greet” between 3 local Universities such as UI,ITB, UNTIRTA which is to increase proximity between POSCO Awardees students and POSCO, held online on 20th March 2021


The event was great and fun. All the participants introduced themselves and shares about their fun facts. There was also benchmarking and sharing session between those 3 universities and lastly, quizzes



On May 7th, IFTAR event was held for POSCO alumni(studying in Korea) in Indonesia.During the Muslim fasting period of Ramadan, a dinner eaten after sunset to end a day of fasting. In Indonesia, special events are usually held during this period. Along with a brief introduction about themselves, we had time to share how our work and personal life have changed during the pandemic under the theme of “Work life during Pandemic” and the current situation.


3. SNS activity to share various News of POSCO, POSCO TJ Park and Korea:

In order to spread the POSCO Asia Fellowship and to share various news with POSCO, the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, and Korea, we created an Instagram, which is managed together by UI, ITB, and Untirta local scholarship students.

We plan to share news about scholarship programs and continue to promote the activities of scholarship students through SNS.


Comments 1


Name: Akbar Gama Refarjan

Major: Chemical Engineering

University: Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University

POSCO Scholarship awardee since 2019


Before getting this scholarship, to be honest, I have experienced problems in terms of economics, related to tuition fees and living expenses during college, so it requires me to work part time to be able to meet the cost of living during college. However, after I received this scholarship, thank God the situation changed 180 °, previously I was very difficult in terms of finances. After receiving this scholarship I am grateful that I can meet my tuition fees and living expenses during college, and part of the scholarship money I regularly set aside to help my family's economy, help people who are experiencing difficulties, and also research needs for the competitions I participate in.


I am very grateful because from getting this POSCO Scholarship, I was able to achieve further on a national and international scale which in the end I was crowned the 1st Achievement Student at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University in 2020 and also delivered me to my dream country.


The program of this Posco scholarship, I also met other Posco scholarship recipients from other universities in Indonesia as well as students from South Korea, who of course all of them are great people who I admire.


​My deepest gratitude to the provider of this Posco Scholarship to me, hopefully this scholarship is a blessing for me personally and also to many people. Aamiin ya Rabbal'alamin.


​Message: I hope that in the future this scholarship will become the most popular scholarship in Indonesia, as well as a reference for other scholarships related to programs that have been implemented. Hopefully, Posco scholarship can flap its wings further so that the Awardees become great people who will lead the world in the future.


Comments 2

Name : M. Lutfi Chakim

2018 POSCO Asia Fellow(Studying in Korea)/SNU

Researcher, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia


Continuing my master's degree at Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea was a big and best decision for me. This dream of studying in the land of ginseng has come true because of a scholarship from the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, an institution that is very dedicated to expanding academic and cultural networks in Asia.


As a leading university in South Korea, studying at SNU has provided me with broad insights into the field of law on a global scale. Therefore, after completing the master's program at SNU, I can apply the lessons and skills I got from SNU to my institution, namely the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.


​During my 2 (two) years of study in Seoul, I have had many opportunities to meet and learn from outstanding colleagues from the POSCO Asia Fellowship program. Another important experience is that I was involved in research at the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC), Secretariat for Research and Development, which is located in the Korean Constitutional Court. Following this scientific research program has increased my knowledge and experience which can increase my capacity as a leading researcher in the field of law.


​I believe that the experience of studying in Korea has changed me for the better and can contribute to the protection of human rights through my duties as a Researcher at the Constitutional Court. Therefore, I hope that more talented young people are willing to take up the challenge of continuing their higher education in Korea with the POSCO TJ Park Foundation scholarships.

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