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Asia's Hidden Tourist Destinations Introduced by POSCO Asia Fellows

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Category Date 2021.03.12
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According to a recent survey conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation on ‘What I want to do most after Corona 19 ends,’ ‘Overseas travel’ was the first choice. Travel packages which take passengers on international flights to specific nations and return to Incheon International Airport after circling the sky are gaining in popularity.

Nowadays, as many people long for overseas trips where they can experience various cultures and get refreshed for a while, like this, away from the repetitive routines of everyday life, POSCO TJ Park Foundation has prepared a small gift for everyone.


We have organized a section in which POSCO Asia Fellows introduce must-visit tourist attractions in their hometowns that are not well known to tourists. We hope you enjoy a break from your daily life and get refreshed with an online trip to a hidden tourist destination in Asia.


​The first hidden tourist destination in Asia is Kazakhstan, introduced by ‘Hasenova Adele,’ who majors in international trade management at Yonsei University.


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