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情(Affection) of Koreans, a precious gift that fills my heart

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Category Date 2021.03.12
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In Korea, cannabis is legally banned, and people using public transportation like buses and trains are generally quiet. In the Netherlands, however, cannabis is sold legally in coffee shops, and it doesn't matter if people talk loudly on the train. ​After the Corona outbreak, while all Koreans followed the advice to wear masks, people in some countries refused to wear them, claiming individual freedom.


While indigenous ‘culture’ exists in each country like this, we don't have many opportunities to think about why these cultural differences occur and how we should accept such mutual cultural differences. Therefore, the POSCO TJ Park Foundation has prepared a section called 'Korean culture seen from the perspective of international students.'


The POSCO TJ Park Foundation runs the Asian Student Scholarship for Studies in Korea Program, which supports full tuition and living expenses so that promising Asian students can complete master or doctorate programs at prestigious graduate schools in Korea and become outstanding leaders in Asia. The Asia Fellows participating in the program are spending two years studying in Korea, an unfamiliar country, to achieve their dreams. A section called 'Korean culture seen from the perspective of international students' has been planned to understand the differences in culture by listening to their stories on how they feel about the Korean culture and what the difference in culture between their countries and Korea is.

The first look of 2021 is ‘情 (Affection) of Koreans, a precious gift that fills my heart’ reported by Leti Hying, a 2019 POSCO Asia Fellow and a student at the Academy of Korean Studies.



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